Speakeasy Style Bars

Are you searching for a great place for a hideaway date, or for catching up with some friends for a drink? Basically, if you’re in the mood to speak while you enjoy your drinks, a speakeasy style bar is exactly the place for you! With their own specialty and uniqueness, speakeasies have become a trend nowadays, especially by serving the best classic cocktails and with prohibition-themed interiors. Even in Boston, there are a number of speakeasies that prove that speakeasy style bars haven’t lost their charm. Here are some speakeasy style bars you might want to visit if you’re in Boston:

Back Bar: Taking you back to the actual speakeasy days, the entrance is hidden down a back alley, through a dark hallway, leading to a poorly marked door. With great wall arts and cocktails, the Back Bar is an amazing place to go with friends for a pre-dinner drink and a snack. If you’re ever near the Union Square in Somerville, this is a place you don’t want to miss!

Drink: For some great bartenders, serving unique classic cocktails, and the amazing atmosphere, a half an hour wait is totally worth it. Each classic cocktail here is crafted along with a modern touch, making it a huge hit for its outstanding mixology!

Saloon: Hold your own private party here, or just show up with some friends at the Saloon for a couple of drinks! With an unmarked door, don’t hesitate to get in through the Davis Square Theater entrance; it doesn’t fail to revive the speakeasy feels serving their brown liquors and local beers.

Brick and Mortar: If you’re in Cambridge searching for a little place to have some phenomenal drinks with a small group of friends, Brick and Mortar is the place! Extremely trendy with a hipster touch, not only are their interiors and ambience great, the cocktails are a hit and do not fail to reflect the talents of the mixologists.

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