Some Celtics players will be resting up before the playoffs

Some Celtics players will be resting up before the playoffs

When it comes to the playoffs, everyone's favorite member of the Boston Celtics is set to take a more cautious approach.

That's right, Kyrie Irving isn't gonna just play in all of the rest of the regular season games. He plans on taking some time off before the postseason begins. That's what he told reporters on Wednesday--since the team has already clinched a playoff spot.

“It just makes no sense to put emphasis on these regular-season games when you know you’re gearing up for some battles coming in the playoffs," Irving said.

Irving is not the only one with this mindset either; Al Horford will also be getting some breathers prior to the postseason, as Brad Stevens told reporters. Keep in mind, the Celtics regular season goes until April 9, when they face the Washington Wizards, so it could be several games where these guys do not play.

So with 11 games left in the season, one might wonder: why are the Celtics kind of laying down and not really caring about the seeding that much? Because they're pretty much either guaranteed the No. 4 or 5 seed, unless something drastic happens. At 43-29, they are four games behind the Philadelphia 76ers for the No. 3 seed, but also 5.5 games ahead of the Detroit Pistons for the No. 6 seed. So yeah, either the C's or the Pacers will be No. 4 and the other will be No. 5, if we had to make a prediction here.

This is the Celtics decision and if it works out good, that would be great. These guys could use a little rest having played a long regular season, but let's just hope they are ready to go when the playoffs officially kick off. If not, everything else prior to them was kind of a waste.

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