Nantucket Is Home To A Classic Soda Fountain & Nostalgic Lunch Counter

Nantucket Is Home To A Classic Soda Fountain & Nostalgic Lunch Counter

Right in the heart of downtown Nantucket sits the Nantucket Pharmacy, a throwback establishment reminiscent of the "good old days."

The classic drugstore does more than just fill prescriptions and sell sunscreen to the tourists, it is also home to an original 1929 soda fountain counter.

The long formica counter is lined with shiny chrome stools topped with turquoise vinyl.

In place of paper menus, the local's favorite lunch counter chalks its offerings onto a series of blackboards.

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The menu items - and the prices - are a welcome change to Nantucket's pricier dining establishments. 

At Pete's Soda Fountain at Nantucket Pharmacy you can enjoy fresh coffee, bagels, homemade muffins, and coffee frappes - made the traditional New England way and enjoyed through an earth-friendly paper straw.

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Sandwiches range from basic peanut butter and jelly to homemade curried chicken salad and my childhood favorite, ham and pickle.

In addition to their breakfast pastries, you can also sample homemade goodies like fresh old-fashoined Rice Krispies treats.

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After lunch, be sure to check out the store's nostalgic postcards, quaint nick-nacks, and collection of odds and ends.

Nantucket Pharmacy and Pete's Soda Fountain Counter are open 7 days a week, 364 days a year. They only close for Christmas.

When the weather turns cold and the island once again belongs to the locals, the lunch counter serves up fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches and a variety of homemade soups.

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No matter the weather, ice cream is always on the menu! Because New Englanders don't need sunshine to enjoy a good frappe!


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