So long, Adam McQuaid

So long, Adam McQuaid

Some people may be saddened by the move but let’s be honest: most of us can probably agree it was bound to happen and is best for the team at this point.

Adam McQuaid was set free. He is no longer a member of the Boston Bruins. He is now a member of the New York Rangers. He got traded from Boston to New York in exchange for the following: defenseman Steven Kampfer, a 2019 fourth-round pick and a 2019 conditional seventh-round pick.

McQuaid had seemingly been with the Bruins forever. He had been on the team since 2005, so he was one of their longest-tenured players and yet, he never really seemed to stay healthy for an entire season--and that’s a problem. You could argue he was the Clay Buchholz of the Bruins, if there is a such thing.

But McQuaid is aging. Last year certainly wasn’t his best stuff. He is 31 years old. The best of times may be behind him. On the other hand Kampfer is two years younger than him, a former Bruin and pretty much an up-and-down guy between the AHL and NHL. So pretty much, with the depth the Bruins have on defense right now, he very well may start the year in Providence but be able to provide them with some depth later on in the year.

The trade also tells you the Bruins are confident in some of the younger guys they have which is nice. Plus, anytime a team can get some draft picks, it’s not a bad thing at all. Who knows? Maybe they’ll hit something on that fourth round pick. We shall see.

Also, since we won’t see him in a Bruins uniform once again, here’s a video of the 2011 Stanley Cup champ (McQuaid) at his finest:

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