So how ‘bout that Red Sox offseason?

So how ‘bout that Red Sox offseason?

There’s two major Boston sports teams and a pseudo-Boston sports team (sup, Patriots?) in season right now, so that’s three out of the four teams. That means there’s plenty of Boston sports news out there, but what about the Red Sox?

Shouldn’t the Red Sox have made their big splash by now? It’s pretty much 2018 at this point which means their new season is coming up quick. And yet, JD Martinez is still a free agent and the only significant move the Red Sox have made this offseason has been re-signing Mitch Moreland. Heck, they haven’t even made any impactful minor league free agent signings at this point and that’s a problem for another day.

ESPN reported on December 13 that the Red Sox were supposed to sit down with JD Martinez and then six days later, they were writing about how whether or not the Red Sox get JD Martinez, they’ll have a plan in place to improve their offense. Based on the stunning silence right now, it seems like JD Martinez might not play for the Red Sox after all.

Here’s a serious point though: what the hell are the Red Sox doing then?

Assuming Alex Cora makes the team better and a few guys in the lineup have bounce-back years and David Price is healthy and Rick Porcello is half decent, is that enough to guarantee a World Series? No. There’s certainly reason to feel good about this Red Sox team knowing the bounce-back seasons some of these guys could have but seriously, so much for that big bat they were supposed to go out and grab.

If the current roster stays healthy, these Red Sox will certainly be better, but they can’t depend heavily on that.

January will tell us more about the Red Sox 2018 season than any other month. That’s a guarantee.

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