Sip Popcorn Cocktails Amid Gothic Decor At This Theater District Bar

Sip Popcorn Cocktails Amid Gothic Decor At This Theater District Bar

The Ghost Walks is the theater district's hippest new hangout. After all, where else would a bar named after a Shakespearean play be located?

In addition to paying homage to Hamlet's iconic opening act, "the ghost walks" is a phrase with a double meaning:

"Promoters and directors would talk to each other in the presence of others about the week's success or in cases, its failure," the website explains. "If the week was good and they had money in the house to pay the actors then “the ghost walks”, if the week was a flop, then “the ghost doesn’t walk”."

Much like the referenced scene in Hamlet, The Ghost Walks is dark, spooky and one-of-a-kind. Located downstairs from club Bijou, being below ground actually adds to the atmosphere.

The walls are covered in lush, textured black wallpaper. A closer inspection reveals a pattern of raised skulls. The booths are black leather and the bar is draped in tufted fabric and bathed in purple light, giving off a distinctly Beetlejuice vibe.

In addition to the spooky decor, the funky, gothic touches also extend to the cocktail and late-night food menus.

The Ghost Walks serves a variety of standards such as wine, local beers and popular cocktails, but they aim to set themselves apart with signature beverages served in unique drinware.

The Paparazzi is served inside a camera lens, while the Box Office is sipped through a classic theater popcorn box - complete with popcorn!

Those celebrating a special event or looking to class up their evening will love the champagne vending machine. Surrounded by neon-accented Hollywood icons, the machine spits out mini bottles of bubbly in exchange for tokens.

As for the food, theater goers can enjoy charcuterie plates as well as one-of-a-kind entrees - all served until 1 AM.

The Ghost Walks is located at 57 Stuart Street.


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