Show Your Hometown Pride With One Of These 10 New England Themed Halloween Costumes!

One of the greatest things about this time of year is getting creative with your Halloween costume. You can make a political statement with some orange makeup and a comb-over. You can opt to stay current with pop culture and dress as Brangelina – with a big split down the middle, of course. Or you can go traditional and scary with blood, weapons and scary masks.

With this guide, proud New Englanders can choose any Halloween costume category and still pay homage to home! So what are you going to be this year?

1. The Town Bank Robber

Remember when Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner scared the bejeezus out of a bunch of innocent bank goers with their nun masks in The Town? Pay tribute to a great Boston-based movie and freak out your friends this year by going as a Charlestown bank robber. A very authentic – and terrifying – version of the mask is available for purchase on Amazon.

2. Bill Belichick

This one is easy, comfortable, and timely! All you need is a ragged Patriots sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves, a big headset, messy hair and a stern expression! Julian Edelmen pulled it off beautifully last year.

3. Tom Brady

Whether you opt for the deflated football carrying Tom or the bath-robed Suspension Tom, the success of this costume is all about the details! Personally, I like the idea of a Patriots pajama-clad Brady in a threadbare robe, a few days stubble on his face, maybe some smudged Eye Black grease and a haphazard Pats beanie on his head.

4. Big Papi

Pay your respects to one of the best ballers to ever play the game by dressing as David Ortiz in honor of his farewell season. You will need a long-sleeved red shirt to wear under your Ortiz jersey, a gold chain, a diamond stud earring, baseball gloves, a straight-billed Red Sox cap and a super cool pair of Oakley-type sunglasses. Add a microphone to be the Papi who reminded us that we are “Boston f***ing strong!” after the 2013 marathon bombings.

5. Wally the Green Monster

For a fun and silly take on the Red Sox theme, go as everyone’s favorite mascot, Wally! You’ll have to bust out your DIY skills for this one, because unfortunately there are no Wally costumes available for purchase. Thankfully, Elaine from Hanover, MA shared her secrets on making her daughter’s Green Monstah costume online. Check it out here. Thanks, Elaine!

6. A Salem Witch

This one’s easy as pie. Just grab yourself any witch’s costume from the thousands available for purchase or go more literal with traditional Puritanical garb. Add some blood, maybe some singed edges showing you’ve been burned at the stake, and you’re done! This is a great idea for a group costume, as well. You and your friends can represent an entire Salem coven!

7. Fisherman/Lobsterman

Yellow waders, a pair of Wellies, a nice plaid thermal shirt and a Carhart beanie. Boom! You’re a hardworking, New England fisherman or lobsterman. This one can be accessorized with a minnow net, a stuffed lobster, a vest covered in fish hooks, etc. Get creative and make it yours!

8. Peter Griffin

Seth McFarland’s lovable doofus from Quahog, Rhode Island has a very distinctive look. Glasses, green pants, white collared shirt and brown shoes. Add a chin prosthetic, a can of beer and a goofy laugh and you’re Peter Griffin! You can get your entire New England family in on this one with Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian costumes! Giggity giggity!


9. Pennywise the Clown

Maine’s own Stephen King destroyed the lovable clown image for millions of people all over the world. His most frightening story to date is getting a modernized makeover with a newly remade film to be released next Fall. Show your devotion to Tim Curry’s horrifying 90’s Pennywise, or support Bill Skarsgard with a modern take on the terrifying murderous clown costume.

10. Harry & Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber

What does one creamsicle orange tux with top hat and cane plus bowl cut wig and blacked out gap between your teeth equal? Lloyd – Providence, Rhode Island’s favorite moron! Get your BFF to don a messy blond wig, dull expression and powder blue tux and you’ve got yourself a Harry. Just try not to hit each other too hard with those canes!


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