Shopping the Wesleyan Potters Way

There is a wide range of shopping destinations at New England. Among all the shopping destinations, Wesleyan Potters located in Middletown, Connecticut stands out because of its items. Shopping the Wesleyan Potters way will let you admire and shop locally made crafts in a traditional country store.

About Wesleyan Potters

Founded in 1948, Wesleyan Potters is a non-profit association working towards developing and sharing the knowledge of crafts. You can become a member and they offers craft making classes to the Wesleyan Potter members. The fine handcrafts produced by the extremely talented members and craft artists are displayed and sold at the Wesleyan Potter gallery/shop. Unlike the name, Wesleyan Potters is about pottery and more. The gallery produces materials through 3 different mediums: weaving, metalsmithing and ceramics.

Why Wesleyan Potters?

Wesleyan Potters gallery is filled with eye-catching crafts; mainly textile, jewelry and pottery. And, the materials sold here are constantly changing, offering you new and a wide range of items to choose from, regardless of how many times your visit. Along with a good selection of items on sale, Wesleyan Potters has amazing customer service. If you are in the mood to buy gifts and cards for your loved ones, then the staff will gladly help you choose the perfect one.

Wesleyan Potters conducts numerous events and workshops showcasing fine crafts made by the Wesleyan Potters and allowing people to try their hand at some crafts. The Rock and roll jewelry show (February 10- March 25) is one from the many. So, if you’ll be in the area in the near future, then Wesleyan Potters should definitely be on your itinerary.

Be prepared to find the carefully crafted items from 19th and 20th century and beyond. There is a reason why Wesleyan Potters is  going strong since 1948.

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