Sebastian Vollmer looking slim, done playing football

Sebastian Vollmer couldn’t even play in the NFL if he wanted to anymore. He’s not in shape for it.

Oh, wow, he must have really let himself go after missing the entire 2016 season, so much so that the New England Patriots cut him in March. Uhh… No. It’s actually the exact opposite.

Yes, the Patriots did cut him. But they don’t need him if you have someone playing to Marcus Cannon’s Super Bowl 51 caliber at right tackle on a game-by-game basis. Not like he was too big or anything.

Now though, he hardly looks like an offensive lineman. Sure, he’s still a tall dude, but he’s cut 75 pounds since the end of his football career. So instead of being about 320, he’s about 245. Good luck playing the offensive line in the NFL with that size. Oh yeah, but he’s not going to do that…

That might be Vollmer’s way of saying he doesn’t want to play in the NFL anymore. It might be his way of saying all that weight ain’t healthy for me. Reality: it’s both. He’s done playing football, so he doesn’t need to carry around all that lineman weight. He’d rather live a healthy life, and all the props to him for doing that. He’s got it right now.

Looking back though: what a career Vollmer had. Sure, he got his recognition as a Pro Bowler once, but the dude was truly underrated. He started for the Pats in Super Bowl 49 and got a ring last year too, but he’s someone you never heard anyone complaining about. He just showed up, did his job, and that was about it. Doesn’t seem too long ago that he was this guy…

Don’t worry though. This might not be the last of him. reports he is training to be a broadcaster. Hmm…

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