Sample Edible Flowers & Tea-Infused Ice Cream At Egalitea Organic Cafe

Sample Edible Flowers & Tea-Infused Ice Cream At Egalitea Organic Cafe

Boston has a spotty history when it comes to tea. Now, nearly 250 years since the Boston Tea Party, are we ready to give tea another chance? The owners of the Back Bay's newest cafe sure hope so!

Egalitea Organic Cafe is a fresh twist on a traditional coffee shop featuring exotic teas, healthy eats, and a whole lot of environmental consciousness.

The shop opened on Newbury Street on July 27, and as the name suggests, its primary focus is on tea in all its forms and varieties.  

An array of jars containing green, white, and black loose-leaf teas line the walls. Tea enthusiasts can also choose from a variety of Oolong, Darjeeling, Assam, English Breakfast, and many more.

According to their website, Egalitea strives “to serve foods and drinks that maximize the balance among people, social equity, and the environment.” 

In this vein, they source 100% certified organic ingredients that are fair trade/Kosher whenever possible, and serve them in eco-friendly, non-toxic, renewable, compostable, and/or recyclable containers.

Oh yeah, and the company is 100% women-led!

In addition to hot or iced tea, Egalitea serves a variety of healthy cafe options including yogurt bowls, chia bowls, acai bowls, and oatmeal, with hearty toppings like nuts, granola, fruit, seeds, and even edible flowers. 

The organic smoothies range from traditional fruit blends to more adventurous options like the Creamy Corn and Holy Avocado smoothies.

Fresh baked goods such as locally-made organic bagels and croissants pair well with Egalitea's hearty vegetarian soups.

True blue tea lovers will also love the shop's homemade tea ice cream options in Assam, Earl Grey, Macha, and Jasmine flavors.

Egalitea is open 7 days a week. 

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