Ryan Brasier got in trouble for letting his son go to the WS

Ryan Brasier got in trouble for letting his son go to the WS

Sometimes, the law can be just a little absurd; this is one of those cases.

Boston Red Sox reliever Ryan Brasier had a career year in 2018, and decided he wanted his family to witness the success he was enjoying. He decided to bring his family, including his children, to the World Series (as well as the rest of the playoffs). As a result of this, he ended up going to court.

Brasier told USA Today that he got a court summons via snail mail in his hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas; they wanted to know why Kolten, his 8-year-old son, had missed 21 days of school so early in the school year. Needless to say, Brasier really didn't care at all.

"It was the dumbest thing I heard in my life," Brasier told USA Today. "It was ridiculous. We even had to hire a lawyer. It was a debacle. It wasn't like we just weren't sending him to school. There was a reason he wasn't in school."

Now here's where Brasier makes another really good point about the level of education his son is receiving.

"It's one thing if he was in high school or even junior high, but he was in first grade," Brasier said.

Let's be honest: he is completely right here. This was a really special family moment for the Brasiers. I'm sure that's where his son wanted to be, not in some classroom full of kids who can't read. And that's the thing about elementary school: there's a lot of kids who go into it already knowing most of the material because their parents taught them it. I knew how to read when I was three and learned how to add and multiply before school taught it. So yeah, just let little Kolten have some fun.

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