Roberto Luongo pays homage to his father, Brad Marchand

Say what you will about Roberto Luongo. But at least he has a sense of humor.

The now-Florida Panthers goaltender had a little fun on Twitter yesterday, paying respect to a Bruin he is all too familiar with.

So what’s this all about? What does that little ball of hate have to do with Roberto Luongo. Well, those who remember the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals remember. We’re going back five years now to when Luongo was on the Vancouver Canucks if that clears it up.

Marchand was key for the Bruins in the cup finals, scoring five goals for the B’s as they took the series, 4-3. In the games they won, the Bruins scored 21 goals (5.25 goals per game).

Of course, Marchand has been and still is a key part of his Bruins team. The left wing led the team with 37 goals last season. So pretty much: if he had a dollar for every phone call he got from a goalie on Father’s Day, he’d be able to take his family out for a nice dinner.

Some of you might be thinking: @Strombone1 does not sound like it is Roberto Luongo. The account isn’t even verified, after all. The consensus for years has been that it is his Twitter. And he confirmed it a few years back.


Anyone on Twitter knows player Twitter account, for the most part, aren’t worth following. Hardly any players post anything worthwhile, but Luongo seems to be one of the better player accounts out there. He’s not one of those players who just Tweets on holidays with the occasional family/pet tweet. Those are the worst.

Next up on the Bruins radar is the 2016 NHL draft, which is slated for June 24-25. There won’t be any hockey played for a few months though, so just sit tight and enjoy the summer.