Robert Williams III has a plan to never be late to practice

Robert Williams III has a plan to never be late to practice

If you don't like Robert Williams III, well then maybe you have your own problems that you need to work out first and then we'll readdress the topic.

Not only does Williams seem like he is a good fit for the Celtics (because he is a big man and was their first round pick in this year's NBA draft), but it seems like he is taking some responsibility here because things didn't go so smooth as soon as he signed with the Celtics.

You may remember he overslept and missed one of his scheduled press conferences, he left his wallet in Dallas and he missed the rookies first summer league practice. It was some pretty juvenile stuff. But this bombshell news should help change things a bit.





That's right. According to ESPN's Chris Forsberg, Williams lives right near the team's new practice facility. He said it's a two minute walk and that means that he can't be late.

I don't know if I buy this logic. As someone who commuted from the South Shore to a college in Boston, I tended to be on time to my 8 a.m. classes a lot more than the kids who lived in the building next to the classroom. It can breed laziness, but at least Williams is thinking, and that's good.

Also, fair warning, Celtics fans: please don't go out stalking him now that you have an idea of where he lives. He is a human being, not a zoo animal. Let's please let him live in peace and allow him to enjoy his life so that he can perform to the best of his ability and help the Celtics win another title. Now that Lavar Ball's kid and LeBron James are teammates, it would be great to see the Celtics crush the Lakers in the finals.

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