Robert Williams can't find his wallet!

Robert Williams can't find his wallet!

Even though he has not played in an NBA game yet, it might be fair to deliver a message to Robert Williams: get it together, sonny boy.

It was a good first round pick by the Celtics on paper. They needed a big man. Williams was a big man. Boom! That’s good. That said, everyone who likes he Celtics wants the best for Williams, hence why there may be some concerns and aggravation kicking in right about now.

In a two-day span recently, Williams lost his wallet when he needed to catch a flight. As a result, people who worked for the Celtics had to rush around to get it for him and get him to the airport. In fact, one of the times, he left it in Dallas with his friend DJ Hogg, who plays for the Pelicans. Remember, this is the guy (Williams) who missed his first Celtics practice because he missed a flight--AND he overslept for a media conference call (not that the latter really matters, but it hurt the media’s feelings so they are probably going to not like him now).

So yeah, some people may be concerned about this kind of stuff. But you know what will curb all of it (potentially)? Seeing some high-level play from Williams. The Celtics aren’t the tallest team in the league, so they need a center like Williams who is tough around the boards.

With that in mind, perhaps we can forgive him for his sophomoric mistakes. He’s still young. He has a lot of potential. And he can help the team this season.

On a side note, it was revealed that he has an artery condition in both of his legs recently that will not impact him in the short term. However, he has dealt with flare-ups every now and then, so that’s something else to watch for with him. Hopefully, that can clear up soon for his sake.