Rob Gronkowski cracks NFL's top-100 countdown

Rob Gronkowski cracks NFL's top-100 countdown

Sometimes, people just like to state the obvious. Water is wet. The Pope is Catholic. The Joey spinoff of Friends was a disaster. You get the idea.

Well, the NFL felt the need to do this; they made a top-100 players list prior to the season. And guess who was on the list? Yup, Rob Gronkowski made the cut. He was No. 15 on it.



It really seems like they do it because it's easy and it takes up a lot of time. If they take a few minutes on 100 guys, that's several hours of content.

For those who forgot or simply reside under a rock, Gronkowski had a great season last year? Just how good, one may ask. Well, considering he made 69 catches for 1,084 yards and had eight touchdown grabs in the process, quite good would be an accurate assessment.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Chandler Jones also recently paid Gronk a compliment, citing versatility as the reason why the TE is so valuable.

“Rob does things that wide receivers do, Rob does things that tight ends do and Rob does things that offensive linemen do,” Jones told NFL Network. “Rob is a man of many talents.”



Not only is he able to do them, but he is able to do them well. Let's be honest, Red Vines know how to make Twizzlers, but they can't do it as good as Twizzlers. The key is that Gronk can act as a Reese's Cup, Twizzler and a cupcake from Cupcake Charlie's all at the same time. He's not like those bad red velvet cupcakes the grocery store sells that have too much salt, he's the real thing.

So yeah, in other words you should pretty much make your Super Bowl plans now. That is all on this issue for now.

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