Remembering the Bruins in the Winter Classic

Remembering the Bruins in the Winter Classic

It’s almost 2018 and in the hockey world, that means the Winter Classic is near.

In case you forgot, the game is played on New Year’s every year (except if weather ruins it). This year’s contest features the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres. That doesn’t really do anything for Bruins fans, however. It may have Jimmy Vesey and Jack Eichel--both of whom are Mass natives--but that’s not Bruins enough for most Bruins fans seeing how those guys haven’t played for the Bruins--yet.

Since the Bruins will not be playing in the Winter Classic again until 2019, maybe we should take a look at some of the good old days of when the Bruins have in fact played in the Winter Classic.


This one was a classic Winter Classic. The Bruins and Flyers wore fresh jersey’s at America’s Most Obstructed View Ballpark, Fenway Park. What a time. Bobby Orr and Bobby Clarke did the ceremonial faceoff. James Taylor sang the American National Anthem. And the Dropkick Murphy’s did some pregame entertainment.

The game was entertaining too. Shawn Thornton fought Daniel Carcillo. It didn’t go well.

There were some problems with the ice being a little choppy which at times, hurting the quality of play.

Regardless, Marco Sturm was the hero with his goal in overtime.


Let’s just pretend this one never happened.

The Bruins and the Canadiens went head-to-head in a superior venue (Gillette Stadium) with some great throwbacks to play a big-time rival.

The Bruins lost 5-1 in the least-watched and worst loss in Winter Classic history to date. The only highlight was Matt Beleskey scoring a goal.

Win or lose, it’s still an exciting event for the fans to watch. It’s just a good thing they don’t play outside all the time in the middle of a New England winter

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