Relationship Benintendi isn't cutting it

Relationship Benintendi isn't cutting it

OK, so this is more of a joke than a serious take, but you can take from it what you want because we live in a free country. If you’re not from the United States, you probably live in a free country too because you’re able to read this article, so that’s good too.

There’s a bit of a problem on the Red Sox. We touched on how the bullpen is a little shaky to start the year, but that will be addressed probably by May (because Brian Johnson will probably go to the bullpen, Tyler Thornburg will be back and maybe the Red Sox will come to their senses and call Brandon Workman back up). This one is a little different though: It’s Andrew Benintendi.

What’s his crime, you might ask? He’s in a relationship and it may or may not be hurting his performance.

Benintendi has disappointed a lot of women in the New England area lately and that’s not good. After all, he was the most popular jersey among women when I went down to spring training last month.

Seriously though:he cut his flow, said it’s not coming back and that he wished he never grew it out in the first place. Strike one. Recently, he also posted a photo of himself on Instagram saying that he was taken. The picture featured him and what appears to be an unnamed girlfriend. That disappointed some people, so let’s call that strike two. And now, he’s not even hitting! On top of all of that, he’s not even producing at the plate.

He’s hitting .158 through 6 games. We’ve really got to think about releasing this guy or trying to get Benny Bachelor back.

When a team is going for the World Series like the Red Sox are, these numbers aren’t going to cut it.

Let’s give him a month and then decide what Red Sox nation is going to do about it.

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