Red Sox plan to rename Yawkey Way

The Red Sox play on Yawkey Way, but they probably won’t for much longer.

That is because on Thursday, August 17, 2017, the Red Sox ownership decided that they should probably rename Yawkey Way. They decided they should not have a street named after someone who discriminated against African-American ballplayers. Well, it’s about time.

The whole street naming thing never made any sense. The Red Sox never won anything when he owned the team. Sure, they made it to a few World Serieses with a few of the teams he owned, but they were not a dynasty when he owned them. All he did was put up some money. That’s not really anything noteworthy. He just hurt the team by not signing someone like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays or Jackie Robinson when he had the chance. If he did, then maybe there wouldn’t have been such a World Series championship drought. You know, the one that lasted for 86 years.

Earlier in the year, the Red Sox decided to rename the Yawkey Way Extension “David Ortiz Drive”. Honestly, they should’ve just went ahead and named the whole thing after David Ortiz. He’s a great guy. He’s a great ballplayer. He helped the Red Sox win three World Series championships. He might be the most important player in Red Sox history in terms of actually leading a team to success.

Now, Yawkey is a public street, albeit it is closed off to the public during Red Sox games. What’s that mean? The City of Boston has to approve of the name too. That kind of eliminates Mark Bellhorn Terrace, but yeah I think they would be fine renaming it. Ortiz, Ted Williams and Pedro Martinez are good options for it. So would something relating to 2004 or maybe even a street named after Fenway. Anything would really be an upgrade.

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