Red Sox hitting a rough patch

Red Sox hitting a rough patch

This is a rough patch for the Boston Red Sox.

Definitely not the best situation they have ever been in. It's going to be a struggle for a little bit. They still have a winning record, but the series against the Cleveland Indians was disheartening and should be cause for at least some concern moving forward.

For starters, the team's bullpen is a mess. Ryan Brasier blew the save in Game 2 and then Travis Lakins pitched in a tie game--and couldn't throw a strike. The next day, Ryan Weber got shellacked and the bullpen couldn't really do anything after he came out. Josh Taylor made his MLB debut, so that's worth noting.

However, with Mitch Moreland, the team's home run leader (13), hitting the Injured List, the Red Sox lineup got worse this week as well. Now, Michael Chavis will probably see time at first base and second base while Brock Holt will get some time at second and Steve Pearce will continue receiving reps at first.

With a series coming up against the New York Yankees, this team could be in some trouble. Obviously, the Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball and the Red Sox are on a two game losing skid coming into it. Not only this, but the Red Sox are 7.5 games out already. With a four game series at play, the Yankees could very well extend that lead if they do well.

However, if the Red Sox could somehow sweep (by some miracle), they'd make the division a three-way dogfight. There's still plenty of baseball left to be played, but it'd be preferable if the Red Sox weren't down by double digits in the standings when this series comes to a close.

If only they'd grab a bullpen arm or two already...

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