Red Sox get “some” love on the HOF ballot

The Boston Red Sox got a little bit of love on the Hall of Fame ballot this year.

So, did any Red Sox get in? No. The closest they came was Jeff Bagwell. Why? Because he’s from Connecticut? No. Because he was in the Red Sox farm system — but then they traded him. As for real Red Sox, quite a few guys got consideration. You need 75 percent to get in. No former Sox did. Here’s a look at how they did though:

Roger Clemens 54.1 percent — The Rocket is climbing up. So what if he used PEDs? He’s a 300-game winner with over 4,000 career K’s. He’ll get in eventually — even if it’s gonna be a long, long time. You know why? Because he’s the rocket, man.

Curt Schilling 45 percent — Proof there’s bias in Hall of Fame voting. 3,116 career strikeouts. Three World Series rings. He just gets caught in some sticky situations on social media.

Manny Ramirez 23.8 percent — Great hitter. PED user. There’s a chance he gets in. If not, just thank him for 2004 and 2007.

Edgar Renteria 0.5 percent — What

Jason Varitek 0.5 percent — The

Tim Wakefield 0.2 percent — Hell

Seriously, who votes for these guys? They got a combined five votes. Do the guys who voted for them mail in their ballots with a straight face? No way in hell it wasn’t a joke.

JD Drew 0 percent — They

Mike Cameron 0 percent — Got

Orlando Cabrera 0 percent — No

Matt Stairs 0 percent — Votes

All former Red Sox. None of them got votes though. Honestly: how did JD Drew not get a single vote yet those three clowns did? Watching Tim Wakefield pitch was like a trip to the dentist 32 times a year and Tek wasn’t (how you say) good the last four years of his career. Quality player? Yes. Hall of Famer? Nah. To recap, which former Sox from this ballot could get in in the future (in order of likelihood): Roger, Curt, Manny.


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