Red Sox eying up two bats

Red Sox eying up two bats

The Boston Red Sox still really haven’t done anything this offseason but to be fair, no one really has. The winter meetings were pretty much some rumors we already knew about, the Yankees doing a couple things and I don’t even know what else. Very slow market this year.

We learned that the Red Sox hadn’t actually reached out to any free agents per se (go figure), but that they have interest in two bats: JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer.

Now, those are some solid additions to the team. One might feel like the Red Sox really missed out on Giancarlo Stanton because he hit 59 bombs last year, but here’s something to curb your interest a little bit.

So yeah, it’s no far-fetched to say they’ve been pretty similar offensively over the last three seasons. No joke.

Over the last four seasons, JD Martinez has been good for a .300 batting average, 32 home runs and .936 if you average out 2014 to 2017. Can’t complain about that for an outfielder.

And then there’s Hosmer….

Hosmer is coming off of a career year where he hit .318 with 25 home runs and an .882 OPS. Not really sure if he’s going to do that again but hey, he’s a better hitter than Mitch Moreland. He played every game last season, so that’s good.

If the Red Sox go out and get both of these guys (not sure what the money would be and I don’t care because it’s John Henry’s money, not mine. Plus, I’ve gotten paychecks from him), here’s how it changes the lineup. Hanley Ramirez still DHs. Hosmer plays first base. Andrew Benintendi goes to center field and Martinez goes to left. This could lead to a Jackie Bradley Jr. trade too. Interested to see how this one plays out.

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