Red Sox 3B situation, Pablo Sandoval, Jhonny Peralta at career-lows

Eight guys have played third base for the Boston Red Sox this season. That number will probably be more like 10 by the time the year is over, if not more. Actually, yeah, it’ll probably end up being like 11 or 12. Think about that: by the end of the year you might be able to fill half a roster with guys the Red Sox use at third base. That says a lot about their situation.

It says a lot that Deven Marrero is their best option at the position. It’s not Pablo Sandoval. It’s not the injured Brock Holt, Marco Hernandez or Josh Rutledge. They’re on the DL. And at the moment, it still looks pretty bleak, even though the Red Sox are trying to give themselves a stopgap before the deadline.

So what about Sandoval? Well, this week he and Jhonny Peralta, who the Red Sox signed last week, are both in Pawtucket. Why? Because Jhonny got DFA’d since he had an OPS in the mid 4’s (worse than Marrero) and played subpar defense. And then Sandoval is in AAA on rehab for his earache injury. As a result, the two are splitting time in AAA. That’s right. These guys who a few years removed from being MLB All-Stars are pretty much minor league platoon players for the time being. That’s a new low for both of them.

Which of the two is the more appealing option? Uh… Not sure. They went a combined 0-for-7 on Wednesday.

Not really sure how either would help the Red Sox out. Peralta was having a poor year, and then there’s Sandoval…

At third base, the Red Sox have an MLB worst .201 batting average, .563 OPS and they have the most errors with 17.  On Fangraphs, the Red Sox are the only team in baseball with a negative WAR for third base production.

This team needs help soon. They’re too good around the diamond to have this much trouble at third.

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