Red Bull Flugtag at Boston

The Red Bull Flugtag is a unique and exciting event that challenges participants to bring out their creative and adventurous self. Red Bull has been organizing this event for the past 25 years at various locations. This year, The Department of Conservation and Recreation is collaborating with Red Bull to host the Red Bull Flugtag at Boston!

Participate in the Red Bull Flugtag and discover the thrill of driving a home-made aircraft off a platform and into a river.

What is the Red Bull Flugtag?

Flugtag is a German word meaning ‘Flying day.’ The participating teams must build a human powered flying machine and pilot it off a 28-foot-high pier. The teams are judged on the basis of flight distance, originality and showmanship. Past applicants have built impressive crafts inspired from unique and disparate sources like food, sports, music, technology and mythology and even something as bizarre as farm animals!


  • Legal U.S. resident
  • Ages 21 and above
  • Must have either a Twitter account or a public Instagram account

How do I sign up?

A Flugtag team is a five-member team consisting of one pilot and four ground crew members. You can choose to name your team yourself. Past teams have had names like “When Pigs Fly” and “The Licken’ Chicken”. Your team can sign up on the Red Bull website. No entry fee is charged. The application deadline is May 13. The results will be announced by June.


This event is being held at the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Esplanade, a popular concert venue on the Charles River at Boston.

Take part in the Red Bull Flugtag and have the experience of a lifetime!












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