Rajon Rondo-Ray Allen beef thickens in true middle school fashion

Not sure if this is an NBA championship team from a decade ago or a clique of middle school girls–because they’re acting the same way.

Recently, former Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo–who I think plays for the Chicago Bulls now, but I could not care less–said he wanted to have a 10-year reunion with the guys from the 2007-2008 season. Yeah, he wants to get everyone together from that team. He even invited everyone on the team except Ray Allen and Scot Pollard.

We get it Rondo. You didn’t like Ray Allen. There’s plenty of reasons to not like you. But seriously, why go through all this trouble just to spite him a decade later? That’s a lot of phone calls and travel and scheduling to be made just to prove you didn’t like one guy on the team.

Seriously, what’s the point of it all. Do you think Rondo really misses all those guys so much? If he really cared, wouldn’t he have kept in touch with them all these years? Instead, he’d rather just use Leon Powe to settle a beef that’s been dead for five years. Wow.

Oh yeah, and where the hell was Scot Pollard’s invite? He was on the team and he seemed like a good guy on CSN back in the day. If this was an actual heartfelt gesture–and Rondo cared about anything other than getting the point across that he doesn’t like Ray Allen–then maybe he would’ve taken the time to remember everyone he played with. It’s a small team, after all. It’s basketball.

For real, this reminds me of when Regina George finds out Cady Heron is having a party in Mean Girls and didn’t invite her. Sad!

One last point: like Al Bundy, I played high school football. And say I did have a reunion for the team, I’d sure as hell invite everyone. Doubt they’d all show-up, but yeah, the thought counts for something. And if someone else had a reunion, I don’t think I’d go because I only talk to maybe two guys out of like 50 on even an infrequent basis (obviously a few more on a little less of a basis)–and that team won a championship two years ago. With that in mind, I sincerely doubt Leon Powe was jumping for joy when he got that call from Rondo.

You do have to wonder if one of the calls to some random dude went a little something like this though:

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