Polar Seltzer: A New England Obsession

It’s  a crisp, delicious alternative to boring sodas, a fabulous mixer for cocktails, and a New England icon. Polar Beverages was founded in 1882 and has grown to be America’s largest independent soft-drink bottler. They offer a long list of unique beverages including golden ginger ale and birch beer. But it is Polar’s seemingly endless array of classic, rare and limited edition seltzers that really keep New Englanders coming back for more!


Polar’s long history of success is a result of savvy marketing, high quality and sheer devotion. Now in their 4th generation as a family-owned business, Polar once distributed liquor along with their line of seltzers and soft drinks prior to Prohibition.

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They took advantage of the scarcety of ice at the turn of the century by adopting the polar bear name and logo, effectively letting their customers know that Polar drinks were ice cold.


Polar has had bottling plants in Boston and Hartford, CT throughout its history, and have had offers from neighboring cities and states to relocate their facilities as recently as the late 1900’s. They decided to remain in Worcester, MA – where Polar got its start – out of loyalty to their employees and fans.


Polar seltzers are made with just “water, bubbles, and a hint of natural flavor,” including black cherry, orange vanilla, cranberry lime, Georgia peach and pomegranate. Their seasonal flavors are in massive demand each summer and winter when they hit New England shelves.


This year’s summer offerings included watermelon lemonade and raspberry mojito, plus an extra-special line of limited-edition mini cans in a variety of “mythological” flavors. The Impossibly Good line was sold in six packs of 8-ounce junior cans and came in Unicorn Kisses, Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief, and Mermaid Songs.

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The overwhelming response to these fun flavors has inspired the bulk shopping website, Boxed to re-release the entire line for a limited time! The cans are packaged in boxes of 24 with six mini cans of each of the four mythological flavors. Cases are priced at $11.99.


Boxed wrote in their item description:

“We managed to get our hands (or should we say paws?) on the uber-cute and uber-magical mini cans of limited edition Polar Seltzer flavors!”



If you would like to re-experience Unicorn Kisses, Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief, and Mermaid Songs, act fast! The Boxed website warns that the cases are “Limited Availability!”


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