Plymouth's New Self-Serve Wine Bar Is Deliciously Dangerous

Plymouth's New Self-Serve Wine Bar Is Deliciously Dangerous

Boston's South Shore is known for quiet beauty and delicious seafood. While there are certainly plenty of bars, they are nothing like the trendy spots you find in the city - until now!

Tucked away in historic Plymouth is Uva Wine Bar, the South Shore's only self-pour wine bar!

The establishment had its grand opening on June 11 and business is already booming. Want to try it out? The process is scarily simple!

Simply open a tab with one of Uva's helpful and knowledgeable staff members, collect your Wine Card to keep track of what you drink, grab a glass, and start pourin'!

The automatic taps are simple to use and dispense the wine in pre-measured pours of 1.5, 3, or 6 ounces so you can sample a splash or an entire glass.

Uva has 48 different wines from all over the world as well as a small selection of regional craft beers.

Pour yourself a glass of red, white, or Rosé, then custom-design your own charcuterie and cheese board to make the flavors pop!

For something a little sweeter, order up an Uva dessert of truffles, Tiramisu, or cheesecake pops.

For more information, menus, and upcoming special events, visit the Uva Wine Bar website.

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