Pats favored in every regular season game this year

If you wanted to just start watching the Patriots in the AFC Championship game in the 2017 NFL season (so like late January 2018), you could honestly probably do that and catch what really matters in their season. No. That’s not cocky at all because they’ve been in the last six of them. Plus, there’s some numbers that pretty much tell you how the season is gonna go.

This is no joke: the Pats are actually favored to win every single regular season game they’ll play. Does that mean they’ll go undefeated? Uh. No. Probably not. But it does mean headed into each and every matchup, they have an advantage over their opponent to the common eye like half a year away from the start of the regular season. So what’s that tell you? That they’re really good on paper. Exactly. Have a cookie.

That same report gives the Patriots 3-1 odds to win the Super Bowl which is by far the best odds. Keep in mind some NFL team’s get like two wins so they have 100000never0000000gonna0000happen000-1 odds and stuff.

Their regular season odds for wins and losses has an over/under of 12.5 if that makes sense. So if you were to bet on them winning 13 regular season games, you’d win. Anything less and you’d lose. And no, ties aren’t wins or half wins.

Regardless, what this tells you is regardless of the offseason whining and banter, the Pats have a great team headed into the regular season or camp or whatever, yet again. When don’t they though? Yet again they could bring home another banner/trophy/ring. Same story, different year.

What’s this mean? Just further proof the Patriots are an unprecedented NFL dynasty. They’ve been good every year Tom Brady’s started at QB. Playoff-caliber. Always. Just take a moment to think how good that is…

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