Patriots great Kenny Britt is basically suing the team

Patriots great Kenny Britt is basically suing the team

New England Patriots legend Kenny Britt is feeling litigious and his target is his former employer.

The future Patriots Hall of Fame wide receiver had quite the career with the Patriots (to say the least)--the kind that will ABSOLUTELY get him a plaque in Canton--and yet, he is going after their purse now.

Britt filed an injury grievance against the Patriots, according to The Boston Globe, in hopes of recovering the $1.05 million salary he was set to earn this season had he made the team. Remember, the Patriots cut him loose in late August because of his hamstring injury (not to mention, he was so good for them the year before that keeping them around would have made all of the games completely unfair and the NFL would’ve investigated it).

Is it possible a deal is cut? Sure! But one has to wonder if he could recoup the full amount. After all, there’s a good case to be made that they would not have kept Britt even if he were healthy. Whether or not that is true is up for debate, but we don’t know the answer for sure. What we do know is the Patriots have gone crazy when it comes to wide receiver transactions over the past few months which may give them a pretty dang good excuse.

After all, there was the Brandin Cooks trade to the Rams, the Jordan Matthews saga, drafting Braxton Berrios, cutting injury-prone Malcolm Mitchell, Eric Decker retired, Chris Lacy and Corey Coleman were signed and cut, Josh Gordon got dealt to the team, etc, etc, etc. That’s not even the full list, but it’s some of it, so yeah. There’s a lot there.

Plus, as we wrote last week, the Patriots wideout situation should be alright now with Julian Edelman back and a healthy Josh Gordon ready to play.

But yeah, good luck to Britt in court. Not really sure how much of a case he has….

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