Patriots and WEEI extend partnership

Patriots and WEEI extend partnership

This is always a boring week because the Patriots don’t have a game, so they pretty much practice and not much else happens. Next week should be awesome though.

That said, the Patriots announced a “multi-year partnership extension” with WEEI. They get the rights to broadcast “Patriots Monday” and “Patriots Friday” which features Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Pretty much, they’re paying the Patriots to interview these people.

What’s amazing though is that the Patriots are kind of Benedict Arnold when it comes to this stuff. Their actual games air on 98.5 The Sports Hub, right? So shouldn’t they pick that side in the fight between radio stations in Boston? That seems like common sense. They must think they can get better ratings on Dennis and Callahan than they can with Toucher and Rich or something. But honestly, whichever one has the Brady and Belichick interviews is probably going to be the one with higher ratings.

Here’s an even bigger problem: sports talk radio, in general, is idiocy. It’s the clickbait of audio. They sensationalize and say things they don’t even believe to get people to listen. I’d always rather listen to music or an informative/entertaining podcast. I could care less if Kirk Minihane is mad at someone or if Michael Felger says Chris Sale sucks. It’s all artificial and it’s all for ratings.

Other than that, the only big thing for the Patriots this week has been Rob Gronkowski’s status. We’ll probably delve more into that next week if it’s still an issue. Concussions are not fun, so he deserves some time to rest.

Oh, and Forbes says the Patriots are five-point favorites to win this year which makes sense because last year was their largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl and even that was a six-point overtime win.

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