Pablo Sandoval is still the worst MLB player ever

Remember how Pablo Sandoval showed up to Boston out of shape and was the worst third baseman in team history (based off the advanced stat WAR and our eyes)? And then remember when he had that letter in the Player’s Tribune saying his heart was in San Francisco and that’s why he struggled in Boston? Yeah. That was all a bunch of bologna.

Since coming to San Francisco, Sandoval has still been the worst player in the big leagues. No. That is not stretching the truth one bit either.

As of Thursday, September 7, Sandoval was 0 for his last 38 at the plate. That’s the longest stretch in San Francisco Giants history. He has not gotten a hit since August 25 and the Giants have pretty much given up on him.

In 61 games this season, Sandoval is hitting .199 with a .257 on-base percentage and then, of course, he is a miserable defender too.

Think about this: Sandoval was actually a better player for the Red Sox this year than he has been with the Giants  (.212 batting average vs. .186 batting average). The Red Sox used Deven Marrero and Tzu-Wei Lin instead of him at third base. That tells you a lot about Pablo Sandoval–and it’s not good.

What’s funny here too is Sandoval is a free agent after this year. He pretty much said the only place he wants to play anymore is San Francisco when he signed with them again. The way he is playing though, there is no reason for the Giants to sign him again for the 2018 season if they’re trying to do anything other than have the worst record in baseball.

What would be really funny is if he ends up on an independent league team next year like the Atlantic League or something.

Now batting for the Long Island Ducks, No. 48, the Panda!

If only the Brockton Rox were still a pro team so he could play for them next year.  

Fun fact: I was actually doing an internet broadcast of that mascot at-bat when it happened, but said “I hope they drill him”,  so they didn’t include the audio.

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