Oops... The Patriots did it again!

Oops... The Patriots did it again!

They did it! They really did it!

It's not really a shock but yeah, the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl on Sunday. You probably heard about it and we are going to assume you are very pumped up about it because: why wouldn't you be? It's a pretty incredible achievement that the team is now tied for the most Super Bowl wins ever and is by far the leader of the 21st century.

Forget what anyone else says, that was a good football game. 13-3 is the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history, but it was a whole heck of a lot better than last year's game, which was the highest.

The Patriots played phenomenal defense throughout the contest, and I'm not just talking about Stephon Gilmore's INT that secured the win.

The Pats held the LA Rams to a 50 percent completion rate, sacked quarterback Jared Goff four times and got them to punt on nine occasions. If we're being honest, that's really good.

And the Rams played hella good defense too, as indicated by the score. Some people want to see touchdown after touchdown after touchdown but you know what? A defensive battle is great too...

The whole prospect that the game is boring might have something to do with the glorification of offense and defense being overlooked, but whatever. They won and that is what matters.

It was a very competitive game and the largest margin of victory for the Patriots ever in a Super Bowl, so that is a plus.

Sure, Tom Brady did not "light the world on fire", so to speak, in this one, but the team won. That is what matters in a football game.

What happens to Rob Gronkowski is still unclear. However, this dynasty lives on and that in itself is fantastic news.

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