NHL Network shows Tuukka Rask some love

NHL Network shows Tuukka Rask some love

Alright, so this is some good news for Boston Bruins fans.

There is probably no player in the league that gets more hate than Tuukka Rask when it is not justified. People want him to be the best goaltender of all-time and when he is not, then he gets a barrage of people saying he is overrated and that the Bruins should get someone else as soon as possible.

Well, think about this: NHL Network thinks he's pretty darn good, and they are professional hockey cover-ers.

The network put out their rankings and to the shock of very few, he was in the top-10 rankings. That tells you he's better than like 70 percent of the league's goaltenders. That in itself means he is quite good. But wait! There's more!

So Rask was actually ranked No. 5 in the NHL on this list. Frankly, I'd say that's accurate.

I embedded the tweet with the rankings for y'all so you can take a look at this list yourself.



It hurts seeing Carey Price ranked higher. Not saying he should or shouldn't be, but for him to be the next step above Rask, the Montreal Canadians guy, that's just not fun.

Rask is coming off what one could call a down season for him. He allowed 2.48 goals per game and in his starts, the team went a respectable 27-13-5. If you exclude that first game where he let up like eight goals, it'd be more like 2.35 but whatever. Still competent. And his career GAA is still 2.28 -- which is quite good.

So yeah, the Bruins are in a good spot with him in net and Jaroslav Halak as the backup. Both are excellent players and the team should be quite confident in what they have coming back this time around. It's impressive to say the least.

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