New Sculpture Series Splashes Boston's Seaport With Color

New Sculpture Series Splashes Boston's Seaport With Color

If your recent adventures took you to the Boston Seaport area, you surely caught a glimpse of Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel's art installation “Air Sea Land.”

The display consists of seven massive, colorful sculptures set up along Seaport Boulevard from Sleeper Street to Pier Four Boulevard.  

Each geometric sculpture ranges from 8 to 12 feet tall and features multi-faceted primary colors reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

According to a press release, the sculptures tell “… the tale of life and coexistence, and the mythological edge where the animal kingdom meets with the human world.” 

San Miguel said he was partially inspired by ancestral cultures. His personal favorite of the seven pieces features a human form topped with a bird’s head.  

“Art must be present in public spaces constantly, and my mission is to transform these spaces in a way that further enhances the passerby’s experience,” San Miguel said in a statement. “I aim to create vibrant places that are filled with color and positivity, helping and hoping to change the lives of people. I want people to stop looking at the pavement and start looking up and around.”

San Miguel's sculptures were created from fiberglass, hand-painted, and shipped from Spain to Boston. They are coated with a special lacquer to protect them from the elements.

While "Air, Sea, Land" is not a part of HUBweek, it did inspire another piece San Miguel contributed to the Boston celebration of art.

“Mermaids and Other Magical Creatures” is a 40-by-18 foot mural that represents "respect, diversity, and harmony between the environment and its occupants." 

The mural will be on display until Oct. 14.


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