New David Ortiz commercial makes you wish he still played

New year, new commercial?

Yeah, that’s what we’re seeing now. There’s a new TurboTax commercial with one of the greatest hitters in MLB history on it — David Ortiz. But instead of explaining it all, why not check out the video itself?

Definitely the best commercial on TV this year. You’ve got David Ortiz and he’s crushing tennis balls. The only part of it some fans probably don’t like is the reminder that he’s retired — especially for a guy who had one of the best final seasons not only in MLB history, but in pro sports history. Doubt there was ever a better MLB performance by a 40-year-old in their last season. Just doesn’t seem possible.

Let’s be honest: there was no real way to replace Ortiz directly. His 1.021 OPS was better than anyone’s in baseball last year. 48 doubles, 38 home runs, .315 batting average, .401 on-base percentage, .620 slugging percentage, 127 RBI.  Those are some of his numbers. Most importantly, no one topped his slugging percentage and OPS. That’s a sign he was among the top power hitters in baseball.

He was also one of the most clutch.

And yet, for some reason, the Red Sox decided Mitch Moreland will essentially be his successor. Moreland is a guy who is essentially a platoon first baseman. Oh yeah, and he hit .233 with a .720 OPS last season. The Red Sox are essentially losing 300 points off Ortiz’ OPS here to go from great to pretty well below-average at the same spot. And it is the same spot because Hanley Ramirez is the DH now and Moreland is the guy the Red Sox added — even if he’s not DHing.

Realistically though, it’s going to take Pablo Sandoval outperforming Travis Shaw’s 2015 production and Chris Sale dicing up the competition to supplement Ortiz’ lost production. Even so, it’ll still be tough for fans to get over it. Very tough.



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