Ndamukong Suh said nothing “wrong” about the Patriots

Players across the NFL all have egos. They play in the NFL, therefore they’re among the best players in the world. So yeah, they have a lot of self-confidence. At times, that can come off as arrogance. And then there’s some crooked medier who will use that as article bait, clickbait, etc. And sometimes, you can’t blame them because it’s provoking.

One of the league’s biggest villains, however, started in on this talk this week. That’s right. It’s not like his team is playing the New England Patriots this week. That’s right, Ndamukong Suh is pulling the old Taylor Swift dropping her music on spotify the same day Katy Perry drops a new album. Pure evil, right? Maybe. But no.

The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle went on NFL Network’s show called Good Morning Football, which I didn’t know existed. Anyhoo, here’s what he said about the Pats about preparing to play the Patriots.

“I think we respect all opponents we have, we obviously start the season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and look forward to that,” Suh said. “We have many games prior to [the Patriots] that are going to be big focuses. But we understand that New England is at the top of the East right now. We understand that we need to have certain particular game plans for them, as they do for us. Taking that into account, I think one of the great things about Miami and this team, we’ve never been scared of the New England Patriots. We never will be. So, with that being said, when we play them late in the season, we’ll be prepared.”


He does make a decent point that they’re not playing the Patriots the first week of the season. It’s the offseason. During the offseason, you really wouldn’t be thinking about any individual teams. You can’t focus on them. You’ve got to focus on yourself. And even when the season begins, they’re not playing the Patriots right away. So no need to get them stuck in your head. When I played football, I could name three teams on the schedule: who we were playing that week, who we were playing on Thanksgiving and maybe the team we were playing the next week.

He pays respect to the Patriots. That’s good. Suh is a great football player. He recognizes greatness. He doesn’t have to do that. But yeah, cool that he does. Respectful.

He has respect for the team. But that doesn’t mean he’s afraid of them. Listen, fear is one thing. You never want to go into a football game scared. That’s when terrible things happen. Even if you know the other team is better, scared ain’t the right word. I’m sure they’ll be prepared. They’ll know what’s coming. And you know what? Suh will probably be better than whoever he’s lining up against. If his team is outmatched by the Patriots, it probably won’t be his fault, not like in Marghrittaville.

Looking back at it… he didn’t say do/anything wrong. He’s getting his words twisted to fit some sort of an agenda. For what we have seen Suh do on the field, what he said here is not nasty at all, not like him stepping on guys when they’re down or anything like that.

And even if he did say something wrong, we can’t go our whole lives judging people on their public speaking skills. If we did that, we’d laud the wrong people and value the wrong sort of stuff.

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