Mystic Aquarium Offers 24 Hour Live Stream Of Adorable Penguins

Mystic Aquarium Offers 24 Hour Live Stream Of Adorable Penguins

The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is enough to bring anyone down. When you factor in the isolation and cabin fever of social distancing, it is no wonder depression is on the rise.

Luckily the Mystic Aquarium has a totally free way to get a quick dose of happiness. While the facility is closed to the public, they are offering a 24-hour livestream of their adorable African Penguins!

Tune in anytime to watch these tuxedo-ed cuties frolic, dive, swim and play. 

The aquarium staff are still hard at work every day making sure the animals are clean, fed and entertained. For social animals like penguins, whales, and sea lions, a change in their routine can be very stressful so the workers are going above and beyond to put them at ease.

While the penguins are the only ones with an on-demand live feed, the trainers and staff are also producing daily educational videos with some of the other 300 species via Facebook.

Most recently they checked in with Eden, Pearl and Astro - a family of Steller's Sea Lions.

Just yesterday they posted a video of Rex the black Argentinian Tegu watching the penguins swim. How incredible to see two such different animals observing one another!

In addition to the fun videos and livestreams, the Mystic Aquarium is bringing it back to the old school with their Pen Pal program. They encourage fans and curious kids to write them a letter or email. They promise the staff (or the animals) will write back!

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