Mitt Romney betraying Celtics fans with Jazz support

Mitt Romney betraying Celtics fans with Jazz support

Sometimes, politicians just have to do whatever it takes to get elected, stay elected, be liked, etc. Usually, everything they do is motivated by something--whether or not you like them.

There was a very interesting development this week on that front--in the NBA. Our old governor Mitt Romney was repping a Utah Jazz jersey and getting in on the fun at one of their playoff games. He was wearing a No. 5 jersey (which had his name on the pack of it). Of course, he was wearing another shirt underneath the jersey, because that’s what old guys do.



He was giving Russell Westbrook the business. Romney was letting him know he had four fouls so he better not get on Romney’s boys (the Utah Jazz) otherwise he might foul out.

Not to call anyone out or anything, but Romney is kind of a traitor here. Why? Because he used to rep the Celtics.



And the crazy part is he’s from Michigan, so we don’t even know if he likes the Celtics or if that was just a ploy for votes. There’s no way he likes the Jazz all that much. No one does. But he is running for senate in Utah and hey, what better way to relate to people than going to a basketball game, sitting courtside and taunting the opposition? All due respect to the man, but a lot of people see what he’s doing there.

Sports and politics are like water and gasoline (the saying is oil but hear me out). If you drink the two together, you die and if you put them both in a gas tank your car will explode.

We saw John Kerry and Thomas Menino have some awkward sports moments in the past too, so it happens. They can’t all be Dubya with his flawless first pitch ability.

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