Milford’s Colabello Suspended for PED Use

(April 16, 2016 - Source: Rich Gagnon/Getty Images North America)
(April 16, 2016 – Source: Rich Gagnon/Getty Images North America)

Everyone seems to root for the local players, so when something bad happens with them, there is usually some sort of outcry.

That seems to be what is happening for Milford, Mass native and Toronto Blue Jays first baseman/corner outfielder Chris Colabello when it was revealed today that he has been suspended for 80 games without pay for use of performance enhancing drugs.

There is a sense of disbelief from some:

This really seems to be a case of the mother with a son who she thinks of an angel saying: oh no, my boy would never do such a thing! But it really does seem to add up. Think about it…

Colabello went to Assumption College for four years and wasn’t drafted. He played for the Worcester Tornadoes under former Red Sox catcher and current PawSox hitting coach Rich Gedman for several years. Colabello absolutely raked there and after several years there, he was given a shot by the Minnesota Twins. In his two years there, he proved to be nothing more than a Quad-A player.

And then out of nowhere last year, Colabello broke out. The title of that article is “The Secret to Colabello’s breakout season”. Oh, I think we all know what that is by now.

I know y’all are probably thinking, “Hey Tom, didn’t you interview Colabello last year?” Yes. Yes I did. All I can say is I had only heard of Colabello because he’s from Mass, he was a Quad-A player at that point in his career and then boom! He just became one of the game’s top hitters randomly.

He probably will not be missed too bad though because he had been struggling this season, just two-for-29 in his first ten games. Keep in mind the Blue Jays also have Justin Smoak, so they are not hurting too bad at first base.

Colabello, on the other hand, is probably going to need that bottle of liquor Steven Wright so graciously bought him earlier this week because he was caught:

Caught Gif


This gif didn’t exist yet, so I actually had to make it.

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