McCourty twins gave back big to Puerto Rico

McCourty twins gave back big to Puerto Rico

OK, well it came down to a lot of thinking if we really wanted to get into the muck of the hot topic when it comes to the New England Patriots this week. Should we go down that road or should we try to keep it clean? That is the question.

The rule in business is you have to give the people what they want so here goes: we'll touch on the Robert Kraft thing probably at some point, but let's not be the gossip column right now. How about some uplifting news about the McCourty twins?

Devin and Jason McCourty, the twin defensive backs who have a combined four Super Bowl rings (three for D-Mac, one for J-Mac) decided to do some good over the weekend in Puerto Rico.

They hosted a youth football clinic in Puerto Rico which had an attendance of more than 400 children in the eight to 16 age range. During it that time, they also cut a $50,000 check to an area Boys and Girls Club.

“It has been great,” Jason McCourty said, according to SB Nation. “I remember when [Devin] called me to have this opportunity and come to Puerto Rico to meet the children and many people.”

“We’ve done great things since we won the Super Bowl,” he added.

The two were honored for what they did on the Puerto Rico commonwealth Senate floor. That's right: Puerto Rico has an equivalent of a state house despite not even being a state. This is probably something new you learned today--as I did.

Better yet, who knew they played football in Puerto Rico? It's often considered a baseball powerhouse. So yeah, if there's good football talent there too, that would be cool to see as well.

Good work by the McCourty bros. Very nice gesture by them.

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