McCourty tells us to not give up on Cyrus Jones

The New England Patriots did not have a first round draft pick in 2016. That’s how crazy deflategate was. But oh well, they have five rings since 2001. And it’s all good because the Pats still had a second round pick in 2016. Of course, they’re really good at picking, so they must’ve gotten someone who is just an animal, right?

Nah, son. They got Cyrus Jones, a defensive back out of Alabama. He’s not related to Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, but their music is better than his playing ability, even if you don’t like their songs. Why’s that? He really struggled as a rookie.

In all, he tried to return a combined 19 kicks and punts. That’s only a few games worth. But… he fumbled on five occasions. Yeah. Five times. Oh, and he didn’t even really play on defense. That just goes to show how good he was. Not very.

That left many of us thinking: will this dude even make the team this season? A lot of Patriots fans would probably be happy, but one dude on the Pats (at least) has Jones’ back. Devin McCourty went on the radio on Thursday and said since April that Jones has been one of the hardest working guys since April. Unfortunately, though, he didn’t say Mr. Jones and me.

Jones struggled in the first scrimmage against the Jacksonville Jaguars, letting up a pair of touchdowns. Of course, McCourty is going to probably vouch for his teammates if he likes them. Clearly, Jones must have some talent if he was drafted so high, but we have yet to see it. It would be pretty cool to see it though, since he was a standout for the Crimson Tide. There’s that Bill Belichick-Nick Saban connection too, so one must wonder if that at all influenced their decision to pick him.

Regardless, he better start showing some production soon.


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