Mayo or Butter?

The weather is (finally) nice lately and like most Bostonians, all I can think about is my first lobster roll of the season.  When it was mentioned at a BBQ this week, the age old debate came up: hot butter or cold mayo?  This question is not as easy, though sometimes as divisive, as Red Sox or Yankees, one’s lobster roll choice can be a spectrum.

Hot butter is amazing if it’s prepared right before eating; however when the the butter gets cold it can be very unappetizing and your bun is ruined.  Mayo can be packed for a later time or served to the masses (a la picnics, BBQs, beach, boat, etc).  Of course this does require a cooler, but I digress.

Both of them, when executed properly, are better than most other options on a menu.  It really comes down to a matter or opinion or taste.  Like most things in New England, you’re going to find people on both camps who are diehard to their lobster roll decisions; however like most things in life – it is never that simple.

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