Marco Hernandez being sent down is outrageous

Marco Hernandez being sent down is outrageous

Have the Red Sox ever made a move that made you throw a chair?

No. Not me. But you, perhaps. It's not always clear how someone will react when they get some crazy news about the team. Everyone grieves in their own way. For some, it is a little more civilized than others, but whatever. That's just the way life works, I suppose.

So this is the lead up to the big news: Marco Hernandez being optioned down to Triple-A Pawtucket. Yeah, so all of a sudden this guy is a minor leaguer despite absolutely crushing it in the big leagues. Think for a second about how insane that is right there.

In case you need to know, here are the caliber of stats we are talking about for the guy who just got sent down: 27 games played, .339 batting average in 65 at-bats with a pair of home runs and an .859 OPS. In short, he is having the year of his career.

Obviously, the Red Sox wanted Mitch Moreland back on the roster and, of course, they did not want to send down Sam Travis while he is swinging a solid bat. Teams don't really send guys down the day after they hit a home run--let alone two in a less than one week span. That is quite good.

Even so, one can admit it is a lousy situation even if they know the Red Sox did not have a lot of choices. The pitching staff could've lost one of its extra bullpen arms, but it all comes down to what the Red Sox value.

Regardless, Hernandez has shown he is an MLB caliber player. He could get his confidence hurt in AAA and struggle, but hopefully that does not happen.

Whatever does happen happens and fortunately, he is still in the system.

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