Marc Savard becomes an NHL coach

Marc Savard becomes an NHL coach

If there were some sort of a plot here, it would have just thickened.

It would've gotten a pound of flour added to it. Maybe even a bowl of oatmeal. I don't know. I really don't know if there is any sort of a plot whatsoever, but Marc Savard's hockey career shall continue.

No, the Boston Bruins legend isn't strapping on his skates and headed to TD Garden anytime soon, but he will likely end up coming back to TD Garden at some point as a part of an NHL team.

That's right: Savard is now an assistant coach for the St. Louis Blues. I know. That's the name of a team many of us would like to forget exists at the moment. However, this is good news for a guy who really contributed to the B's over the years -- which is cool.

Savard had a great tenure with the B's. You probably best remember him for his supporting role in season 2010-2011 of the Boston Bruins: the season where they won the Stanley Cup. It was also the season where (SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't seen it already) Mark Recchi retires. Recchi is another NHL coach these days; he works with Marshfield, Massachusetts native Mike Sullivan on the Pittsburgh Penguins coaching staff.

Sadly for Savard though, he only played in 25 games that year because a dirty hit to the head from Matt Cooke ended his NHL career.


Over the course of Savard's NHL career--which spanned 807 games--he put up 706 points. I would say that is quite decent. We're talking like 70 points per full season which is first line material for sure.

But yeah, this is some pretty cool news for sure. Next, I'm hoping that Joe Thornton comes back and becomes the head coach of the Bruins -- or just comes back and plays for the Bruins. Either way it'd be really cool. Oh yeah, and maybe Tim Thomas could help out as well. Stanley Cup, here we come.

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