Marble House Rhode Island: a must visit

There are tons of attractions in Rhode Island, but none filled with as much grandeur and opulence as the Marble House. Marble House gets about 160,000 visitors each year making it one of the most popular mansions in Rhode Island. So, here are a few facts about Marble House Rhode Island: a must visit.

What is the Marble House?

Originally built for the Vanderbilt family, the Marble House is a mansion that opened itself as a museum since 1963. With shining marble surfaces and rich décor, this mansion is the epitome of luxury. The transformation of Newport from a small colony of modest houses to the well-known area of lavish palaces was a trend spearheaded by this mansion. The Marble House cost $11 million to make with $7 million being spent on marble alone! Even people who don’t usually like Old-house tours will fall in love with this place.

Marble House Rhode Island

Why should you visit the Marble House?

This place will allow you to experience the splendor and beauty and it also holds historic significance. Within the grounds there is a Chinese Tea House where rallies for women’s suffrage took place. The Chinese Tea House also operates as a café and restaurant now, offering various delicacies and a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. Furthermore, the place has been used to film numerous shows and movies. So, come to the Marble House to experience the interiors and the richness of its historic significance. For book enthusiasts there is a library as well.

Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a history fanatic or simply searching for a place to visit in Rhode Island, this National Historic Landmark is definitely a must visit for you!

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