Malcolm Mitchell's ending in New England is a bit cold

Malcolm Mitchell's ending in New England is a bit cold

Seriously, the NFL is a cruel place.

That's not the knock the New England Patriots and the large amount of success they have enjoyed in recent years. All it is saying is that it's a very cutthroat industry. You know, it's the kind of world where dogs resort to cannibalism, as the kids would say.

This has to be your reaction (no it doesn't really, but still) to the Malcolm Mitchell news. The guy is only 25 years old, was a fourth round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, showed he is a competent player and yet, he is no longer a member of the Patriots. Sure, he had over 400 receiving yards as a rookie and helped the team earn a Super Bowl ring, but who cares (apparently)? He underwent knee surgery and missed all of last year. The same thing happened to him this year, so apparently he was useless to the Patriots.

They decided they didn't want to wait around for him anymore so they went ahead and cut him. They also cut Jordan Matthews and signed Eric Decker, so they appear to be in decent shape in the wide receiver department once Julian Edelman comes back from the big PED suspension (not a fan of that rule, by the way).

So what's next for Mitchell? Honestly, we shall see. He seemed to have a bright football career ahead of him when he was a rookie. But apparently, the Patriots didn't see him being useful anytime in the future.

Still, Mitchell is only 25 years old. He could still have a productive NFL career ahead of him. Honestly, let's hope he does. It would be rough if he showed that promise as a rookie and didn't get a chance to play again. He has too much talent for that to happen.

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