Maine’s Redneck Olympics Features Beer, Music & Lots Of Mud

The seventh annual Redneck Olympics/Redneck Games took place this weekend. The site of the festivities – a 210 acre farm in Hebron, Maine – welcomed hundreds of spirited visitors looking to participate in events such as Bobbing For Pigs Feet, Toilet Seat Horseshoes, the Greased Watermelon Haul, the Tire Beer Trot, the Wife Haul, and Mud Tug-of-War.

Toilet seat horseshoes

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The yearly festival of mud, music and toilet seat tossing has become so popular that the other Olympics got wind of it and threatened to sue if the organizers did not change the name. It turns out the United States Olympic Committee were not too pleased about sharing their monicker with a weekend devoted to wife pulls, beer and raucous behavior!

But being known as the “Redneck (Blank)” doesn’t seem to have harmed this spirited celebration one bit. Based on the photos, the 2017 turnout looked pretty impressive!

Visitors were welcomed to camp out on the property in true redneck fashion in order to avoid missing a single second of fun.

Redneck you are a different kind of animal

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Those with big-tired trucks were treated to free mud runs.

When someone rolls their Cherokee in the mud pit…. #oops #redneckolympics

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On top of the full lineup of events and competitions, the Redneck Games also featured a pig roast, assorted barbecue, a pie eating contest, and plenty of musical acts.

This year, the Games lured the ladies by hiring Australia’s Thunder From Down Under All Male Review to strut their stuff on opening night.

Event organizer, Harold Brooks says the event is all about regular folks blowing off some steam.

“For me, a redneck doesn’t mean a person who’s dumb or lazy, ” Brooks said. “A redneck to me means someone who can laugh at themselves. They’re a hard-working group of people who can let loose and have a good time.”

Roof racks are for front row seating at the mud pits at the #redneckolympics #jeeplife

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If this is the first you are hearing of the Redneck Olympics – never fear! The event will be back and bigger than ever next year. Follow the Redneck Olympics, Pig Roast & Music Festival on Facebook for updates throughout the year.


Featured Image via Facebook/Garrett Parsons

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