Maine Resident Delivers Groceries To Neighbors By Dogsled

Maine Resident Delivers Groceries To Neighbors By Dogsled

Hannah Lucas is a clerk at her local Circle K, but she also has an interesting and very useful hobby. She runs the Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dog Team and a kennel of Siberian Huskies in Caribou, Maine.

After noticing many of her friends and neighbors struggling to get fresh groceries while minimizing their exposure to the coronavirus, she decided to put the dogs to work.

Lucas began delivering groceries by dogsled! 

"I’m out on the trails everyday with my dog teams, so I figured that I would just pick up these groceries for them and save them the trip," she told USA TODAY. "A couple of times we’ve picked up prescriptions for people at Walgreens."

Lucas began competing in dog shows five years ago and then decided to try mushing. In 2018 she moved from Virginia to Maine because "Maine had the best snow in the lower 48."

Each day she takes a group of six dogs to complete four to six orders for her neighbors. She adheres to social distancing recommendations by leaving the food at the trail entrance near each home. All told, the dogs pull up to 300 pounds 50 to 75 miles per day to deliver the orders. 

Lucas hopes to keep making the trips as long as there is enough snow on the ground. Not only is she providing a much needed service for her community, the deliveries provide a good workout for the dogs whom she hopes to run in the Iditerod some day.

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