Lowell's Oldest Tavern Is Full Of History & Possibly A Ghost

Lowell's Oldest Tavern Is Full Of History & Possibly A Ghost

The Worthen House Cafe in Lowell Massachusetts hides lots of buried secrets. Just ask some of the frequent patrons who claim this quaint establishment is home to Matthew, a ghost who guards the "spirits." 

Matthew is said to wander the third floor, which once served as guest rooms when the Worthing House operated as an inn.

If that is not enough to inspire a trip to this historic spot, maybe the idea of exploring its other hidden mysteries will be.

Built in 1834, the Worthen House is Lowell's oldest tavern. Ask the bartender to show you the many secret doors and passageways that may have provided safe harbor to individuals using the underground railroad. 

Or how about the secret panel behind the bar which was used to hide booze during prohibition? The owners discovered ancient liquor bottles in the covert compartment long after Prohibition ended!

The bar also features one of only four original pulley-driven fan systems in the country.

The great Jack Kerouac once frequented the Worthen House, perhaps gathering inspiration for a new novel.

Edgar Allen Poe is also said to have written some lines of prose for The Raven while staying onsite! 

Come on by, order a pint, cozy up to the bar, and let your imagination run wild as you admire the architecture, ponder Poe's creative inspiration - and maybe catch a glimpse of Mathew!

 Plan your visit on the weekend and enjoy live music and friendly banter with the locals. To learn more about this historic tavern, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


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