Love Breakfast? Take This Incredible Connecticut Food Challenge!

Love Breakfast? Take This Incredible Connecticut Food Challenge!

From the road, That Breakfast Place in Willimantic, Connecticut looks like any other quaint, hometown restaurant.

But very few New England establishments serve up a breakfast quite like That Breakfast Place's food challenge!


It all begins with a fluffy, golden brown pancake that just so happens to be 16 inches across.

It's topped with a half pound of hashbrowns, generous helpings of bacon, sausage, ham and kielbasa, two orders of toast, and 12 fresh eggs served scrambled, fried, or six of each!


You may think you have the chops to take down all that food, but keep in mind, the entire plate must be consumed in 30 minutes or less - with no bathroom breaks!

The few superior stomachs that conquer the challenge eat for free and join an elite group of their peers on the Wall of Fame.

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Those who fail are stuck with the $34.99 bill for one of the biggest breakfasts in New England - and possibly the world!

In addition to the breakfast challenge, That Breakfast Place is known for its delicious, appropriately-portioned meals.

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Their breakfast and lunch menus feature all your favorites from pancakes and belgian waffles to omelettes, burgers and club sandwiches. 


Most notably, That Breakfast Place offers six varieties of delicious, Hollondaise-drenched Benedicts, including a smoked salmon variety, a spicy chili cheese Benedict and a Country variety served atop scratchmade biscuits and smothered in sausage gravy!

Seafood Benedict... Shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops 😋 so dank

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If you are driving through Willimantic, stop by this friendly local restaurant for one of Connecticut's best breakfasts! Bring your appetite!



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