Lizzie Borden’s Post-Murder Mansion Is Up For Sale

After the notorious Lizzie Borden was aquitted of slaughtering her father and stepmother with an axe, she sold the home where the murders occurred and lived out her days in mysterious seclusion at a Fall River mansion known as Maplecroft.

Borden lived there with her sister, Emma from 1894 until her death in 1927.

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Kristee Bates of Dallas, Texas purchased Maplecroft in 2014 with the intention of converting it into a bed-and-breakfast. She completely renovated the eight-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian mansion, but is now selling it because the city rejected her variance request, putting the kibosh on her plans.

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Much of the original charm of the home has been preserved, including the following poem carved on the fireplace in Lizzie’s library:

And old-tyme friends, and twilight plays
And starry nights, and sunny days
Come trooping up the misty ways
When my fire burns low.

Bates is asking for $849,900, which includes Maplecroft’s furnishings.

Lizzie and Emma Borden lived together for a decade in the mansion they purchased with money inherited from their murdered father’s estate. Even though she was found not-guilty in court, the town of Fall River disagreed and treated Lizzie with contempt. Her reputation was further tarnished when she was accused of shoplifting in 1897.

In 1905, Emma Borden abruptly moved out of the house and the two sisters never spoke again. Some speculate that Emma fled after finding out that local woman, Nance O’Neil was more than just Lizzie’s friend. Others say she learned new details about the murders of her father and stepmother.

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The true reason for the rift is now lost somewhere in time, as both sisters have long-since passed away. Lizzie died of pneumonia on June 1, 1927. Emma died just days later in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Maplecroft is not to be confused with the home at 92 Second St. in Fall River where Andrew and Abby Borden met their violent and untimely end on August 4, 1892.

The modest home owned by Lizzie’s father was successfully converted into a museum and bed-and-breakfast in 1996. Some consider it the “Most Haunted Hotel in America”


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